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Rain,   Hail,   Snow   and   Earthquakes

 I Rasheed Allah am a Poor Righteous Teacher. My knowledge of 120 lessons is my foundation in which my wisdom flows. I know and understand not to accept the teachings of my-son, for he is a devil. I am All-Wise and All-Civilzed. I know who the True and Living God is, and I teach that I (the black man) am the True and Living God Supreme Being Black Man of Asia. I be ALLAH. My duty is to teach civilization to All the human families of the planet earth in order to bring about the best part (understading). 
 Allah is not a spirit, Allah is the black man of Asia. When he comes, he comes not as a spirit, but as a man of Asia. Allah is eternal, having neither beginning nor end. Man was not always here as man but man was always here.
 In the beginning, there was no beginning. something was always here: even though it be a speck of dust, it existed and therefore was existence: Existence is life: Existence is eternal, for something always existed, but never as a spirit.
 That speck of existence became the universe, because it was the universe, and the universe is all which exists. As it has no beginning. neither shall it end. For something always will exist, this is tthe law of nature.
 That "beginning" which never began became the sun, for it was the sun, and the sun gave birth to the planets, and the planet gave birth to moons. And the far off suns became the stars, because the sun is nothing but a star. And the planets are heavenly bodies. We are the sun, moon, and the star -- THE NATION OF ISLAM. Yet these bodies attract one another, but yet keep their distance and their functions. And all turn towards the east, and each submits fully to the plan. And Allah wrote the first law of the universe and it was "LAW AND ORDER' Thus all the heavenly bodies were commanded, anf they obeyed, and were rewarded, and the reward for absolute submission is perfection and eternal life. Behold, the planets are ageless and time affects them not. And those who are not in accord and rebel from the plan indeed suffer the death. And those who are falling stars: but you who have wisdom, read deeply between these lines, and you shall see that man is but a planet. Indeed it is from this that such imperfect minds can conceive that God is a body of the heavens: But misunderstanding of the truth leads man to breed mythology. No bodies are created to have such individuality that puny man seeks to worship. All planets turn and do the bidding of the master. Thus they fing there places in eternity: and none have held on to their puny wills. But have place them in accord with the one. Bear witness that the falling star believes to be more wise than God, Thus he leaves his place in the plan, and thus he leaves the universe. But who can leave existence and yet still exist? And who can turn from God and yet be a God? And what is there beyond, but death. So free yourself of selfishness, and seek not to be one alone, but seek the self in which we dwell, and self which dwells within. Seek the one and thus be one with him who made the plan.
 Bear witness that Allah gave birth to all, for Allah was all, and therefore life itself. And the universe gave birth to man; the universe was man. Man was the universe and the universe was all which existed, and existence is life. and lifr was Allah, and Allah had no beginning because he is what always was, and this is the realm of truth.
 Man appeared unto that from whence he came from the universe and the universe was black. He came from the sea, and the dpths of the sea was black. And man was not always here as man, but yet man was always here.
 The planet earth was covered by waters, and water is life and life is Allah; Man came from that which always was, which was Allah, which is man and man was sent to that part of the planet were the first land had raised above the waters of the sea. The sea had given birth to the land and the depths of the land was as black as the depths of the sea from whence it came. And the surface of the land was as green as the surface of the sea from whence it came. And this was paradise, Thusit was called Arabia which means paradise. And the sea, and the life in the sea taught man the language of paradise, which is spoken from the depths of the body and was yet soft as the sure which whispers to the shore, and as soothing as the breeze over a calm lake, thus the language of paradise was called "Arabic" and the universe was pleased with man, and was perfect.
 Chapter 3
 Man at that time knew not imperfection: knew not error, for man knew neither his origin nor his end. God is eternal, and so bear withness that the original man himself is god in his entirety. The original cannot trace himself to his origin, and he who seeks to find what was never there is a fool. God accepts himself as God. What fool would seek beyond God? There was no "first" life, from whom whence could come a life but from life itself? Those who have wisdom, behold that neither man, nor the Universe had a "beginning". Behold the two laws of existence.
         1. That which IS, always was.
         2. That which always was NOT, cannot be.
 And so, that which never was, cannot be: Allah the Black Man can never have a beginning nor an end, for Man-Is the Universe, which is all which exist, which is 360 degrees, which is perfect, which is Allah. 
 And so, in the realm of absolute truth there is no knowledge of beginning. Truth has no origin, and everything is absolutely real, and all which is not, is not. You have been shown that man is the unverse and existence itself. Therefore it is but the absolute truth that man is God = Allah.
 Chapter 4
 The original man was truly perfect, he possessed no knowledge of evil. He had supreme wisdom which encircled 360 degrees of the Universe. He had the wisdom of Allah, for surely, he was Allah. He had law but the law of Allah, and he desired not to do evil. He ate which was living, and therefore knew nothing but life. The fruit of the land and seas entered him alive. These dd not die when devoured, but became a part of man, and lived on - as life itself.
 The fruits and vegetation becam abundant and covered the planet with their beauty and fragance. Allah created the gentle beast of the field to assist man in trimming the vegetation and eating exess fruit, and yet though these gentle beast kept the feilds from overflowing with abundance, they fertilized the arth with their droppings, feeding the very rots of the plants whose fruit they had devoured. And thus did Allah have no ills or deformities, all was peace and beauty upon the planet, all was truth, and Arabia flourished and man was made glorious by the radiance of his wisdom, and Allah loked upon all he had made, and he was well pleased.
 Chapter 5
 Then man beacame dissatisfied, and he questioned the laws of nature. He was not evil, for these was no evil. He was inquisitive and curious, but this curiousity became rebellion and man dared to think that he was greater than existence itself, man challenged the laws of annalation...and man became Yakub. Those who have wisdom, behold this revelaton: YAKUB WAS NOT A MAN...BUT YAKUB IS MAN HIMSELF.
 Yakub was a scientist, and he used hs knowledge to seek that which was beyond knowledge: and here is nothing beyond knowledge but ILLUSION: Illusion leads to death, for illusion is not real, but error, and Yakub was in error to think that there was that which can be found beyond the Universe. Yakub progressed beyond the Universe which is 360 degrees of perfection and gained 6 degrees... and thus he came upon the realm of error, which is 366 degrees, but 366 degrees is non-existent. Indeed 366 degrees is nothing, and Allah beheld with sorrow that man became YAKUB.
 That which had a beginning must have an end. For such is the law of existence as applied to imperfection. Imperfection has no bearing on the truth: the truth is that which always was which is man, and the number of truth is "SEVEN" indeed, as that which is not real, cannot exist in reality, neither can error, this is absolute truth. And the number of error is "SIX" and it is not real for it began, and beginning is the beginning of the end. And imperfection is the cause of beginning and ending, and death is the EFFECT., and that which begins, never was.
 Behold Allah is the perfection...Allah does not give birth to imperfection, for the perfect have no conciousness of the imperfect. Allah is not the absence of imperfection, for Allah is self-independent, but imperfection is the absence of Allah.
 If evil is mixed with good, it does not yeild a mixture of both good and evil: the good becomes corrupted. Good and evil cannot occupy the same existence. Evil cannot be made good because the good injected is absorbed and wasted, and pouring water an a desert.
 But beware of illusions of relativity: GOOD CAN BE DISGUISED TO AOOEAR EVIL: EVIL CAN BE DISGUISED TO APPEAR GOOD: BUT ILLUSIONS APPEAR ONLY TO THE BLIND. A righteous man cannot picture evil, because in the real of truth evil is non-existent.
 Be ever mindful of the laws of annalation: truth has no conciousness of error: love has n sense of hatred: life has no partnership with death. TRUTH, LOVE, LIFE - these are the laws of annalation, for they declare nothing but Allah. Inasmuch as Allah is good, Allah does not created any moral or physical deformities: they are in harmonies which truth destroys. Sickness, sin and death are not the faults of life, but is an illusion, the migrate of error.
 Truth is not "relative" but "absolute". thus neither is Allah "relative", for Allah exists, and is the truth. Without Allah, there is nothing: nothing absolute nothing is nothing real. Allah is therefore real, for he is everything which is real. There is only one truth: therefore there can only be one God. And neither truth nor God can be made the subject of opinion. Opinion EXIST ONLY IN A DOUBTFUL IND. The doubtful mind is the mind of imperfection, and therefore opinion is a product of error. Error has no bearings on the truth, and is irrelivant to the Universe. Opinion is not absolute, and all which is not absolute is non-existence.
 Before "TIME" man was perfect. After time has ceased, he shall again be perfect. But first he must learn to see through illusions. Behold the laws of annalation, for they are truths of eternity...and they are absolute.
 Seek existence, not the existing. Seek life, and not the living. Seek love, not the lovable.
 Indeed, the secret of life is not to be found in impermanent and perishable phenomena. Seek knowledge of the absolute truth of nature...In the absolute truths of self...for therein lies him...ALLAH.
 Chapter 6
 Yakub experimented with the sea and the life withi the sea. But the se rebelled and vomitted a host of abominable mutations. Monsters emerged from that which was once truth and peace. The sea became stormy and menacing and sent great tidal waves hundreds of feet high to bring destruction upon the land and to carry reptiles and huge gragons and deposit them upon the shores. Now these reptils and dragons were driven into West-Asia by Yakub. And this land was part of that which was uncovered when the waters upon the surface of the planet ran intto that crater cause by the moon's departure, and drained the lands of the planet which had slept under the surface of the seas, and many strange beast were left stranded on the marshy land, when the seas receeded. But yet some monsters escaped into the seas, and they took their error with them, and these becam the sharks and octopus, and other monters which dwell in the depths to this day, lurking in wait for Yakub or his seed that they may seek revenge on him who made them what they are from the beauty they once were, and the seas became afraid of Yakub and his science of madness, and thus withdrew and froze itself into fear at the two poles of the planet. and the seas withdrawal uncovered the rest of the planet which is now land. But to this day, the seas are often stormy and menacing when it's rage afainst Yakub, for meddling with that which was once perfect, and dis mantelling of it's truth, and the seas seek vengence on Yakub and his seeds when they sail in their crafts, and seek to devour them. Beholad brother, that the seeds of Yakub are none otherthan man, man who lives to die.
 Then Yakub experimented with the vegetation and the fruit of the land, and sought to create and graft varieties and types other than that which Allah had made. And indeed did the vegetation rebel against Yakub, and some became poisonous and other unfite for eating. And these plants too yeolded mutations and inperfect versions of the original plants created by Allah. The mutations, being the product of error, were imperfect and learned disease. Yhe disease caused some to rot, and the diseases here carried to future generations by the seeds of the mutant plant. 
 Chapter 7
 Again, the balance of nature was threatened, for the fruits and the vegetables died from didease, or were devoured by the over numerous beast: and the vegetation diminished and there was not enough for both man and beast. So Yakub grafted from a shed a form of life which possessed the ability to crawl and fly, and this form of life was trained by instinc to seek the pollen from certain plants, and carried it to others, thus fertilizing many plants and carrying seeds from land to land. They caused the flwers to become pregnant and icrease the growth of the vegetation to it's normal balance so that fruits and grain would once more become plentiful, and satisfy both man and beast.
 Now this form of life grafted from a living seed learned to make sweet golden syrup. Now called "Honey" from the nectar of the flowers, and the animals learned of this syrup and stole it from the bees, killing many of them. And the hiney makers were helpless and could not protect their homes.
 Chapter 8
 The bees rebelled and complained to Yakub, and he experimnted further, and grafted into them the power to sting and paralyze their enemies. But by then, man too had learned the sweetness of honey, and broke into the homes of the honey-makers to steal their syrup. But the bees had been given the power to sting, and they stung man and blinded some, and killed others in their rage.
 And man complained to Yakub of his grafted seed which menanced man and beast. So Yakub set upon experimenting with other seeds in order to create a form of bee whose sting would not be powerfu enough to kill man but yet strong enough to repel the beast which disroyed the honey-makers for their honey. But as usual this experiment reacted violently and mutations were hatched from these seeds- imperfect versions of the honey-makers filled the sky, the land and the sees. Some crawled some scurried, some flew, som swam. They were of many strange varieties and species. They were miniature monsters. Unlike other living beings upon the land, these mutations could not give birth to living young, but layed eggs, and they layed eggs by the millons and swarmed over the planet.
 They did not spread the pollen and vegetation as did the original bee. But they ate of the dead animals, rotten plants, and themselves became full of disease, and all they spreaded was disease and misery, and they were of such types as the mosquito and the fly; the spider and the cetipede; the wasp and the termite, and these mutations were called "Insects". These insects carried these diseases to the beast and man, and creation itself was feverish from sickness and death. And man learned death, AND MAN WAS THE CAUSE OF HIS OWN DEATH. And Yakub was the the FATHER OF DEATH. Then Yakub experimented with the beast of the field that Allah had made. And amongst these beast were such ass the camel and the horse: the deer and the antelope: the lamb and the giraffe. And they were all friendly to man before Yakub made them learn fear and wariness. And from these original beast Yacub grafted many types and varieties. And among these graft were the rabbits and varieties of rodents such as the beaver and the rat. But these were of such type that multiply rapidly and they spread and grew numerous, even threatened to devour all the plants and fruit, leaving none for man. And the over abundance of these animals of varocious appetite threatened tp create an unbalance in nature. Yakub seeing his error and micaculation, grafted from these rodents a beast of the flesh. And these new beast were to restore a ballance in nature by eating and destroying the numerous gentle beast of the field and the numerous rodents. These animals were carniverous, for they fed on the flesh of the other animals. Indeed, Yakub grafted the first cannibals, for they preyed on their brothers from whence they came, and ate thier flesh. And they were not gentle, as were the beast from whence they came, and had not hoofs, but claws to tear flesh and hard teeth to crush bones, and these were of such types as the lion and the leopard, the tiger and the panther: the bear and the mangoose. And these types set upon the gentle beasts and killed them by the thousands. The gentle beast, learning of Yakub's treachery and betrayal, fled to the far corners of the planet and hid themselves: to this day there are fearfull of Yakub and his seed'sand run from them.
 But the beast of the field fed the beast of the flesh. And these killers became strong and increased in numbers. They gave birth to many and threatened to overrun the planet and even over-power man himself. Again, the balance in nature was threatened, or these beast were kiling off the gentle species without plan or reason. So Yakub grafted into these beast the illusion of hate. And the beast of the flesh even ate one another ans sought to destroy and fight with each other, even among there own clan and species, and they learned to kill from thier madness, and took joy in the flavor of blood. They killed without reason and without hunger, and became treacherous as thier grafter. And again mutations became evident, and these were of such types as the weasle and the wild-cat, and the wolf and the bhrew, and all those who killed just for the joy of destruction and the frenzy of thier madness, and these moral deformities yielded physically deformities: the mentally ill became the physically ill, and error became manifest and the disease spread like fireamongst the beast. Behold that the beast of the flesh ate of the beast of the field, who were ill, for they ate the plants which were ill, for as truth has no conciousness of error. So these gentle beast did not have conciousness of that which was poisnous or rotten, and disease spread, and death became manifest and slew many of the beast of the flesh, and the beast of the flesh leaned of Yakub's treachery and betrayal, and they rebelled and fled into the woods: but to this day the lurk in the brush seeking to find revenge upon Yakub or his seeds, and they strike them at every opportunity.
 Chapter 9
 Then Yakub, seeing his error and micalculations, sought to destroy, these insects which infected man and beast with the poisons of death. But most of the insects could fly, so he had to deve;ope a flying creature which could catch and destroy them. Yakub grafted several insects with the rat and this graft appeared to have qualities of both insect and beast. And it was called the bat, but the bat was blind and hunted only at night, so aging Yakub experimented with the insects and various beast. And these mutations had feathers covering thier bodies as the insects had fuzz: thier feet were pronged and thin, as the insects, they possessed no teeth, but pincer-like beaks, as the insects, they laid eggs, as the insects, they grew wings as the insects, they possessed the intelligence and instincs of the insects; but thier blood was warm, and they breathed by lungs, as the beast. And this strange creature had habits so foul that it was called "FOWL". It possessed no morals or sense as most other living things. Indeed it was an illusion, born in the warped mind of the mad scientist, Yakub, and they were of such types as the chicken and the robin, the sparrow and the pigeon, the heron and the duck.
 Now the fowls, being able to fly, spread to the far corners of the world and multiplied. They ate the ill insect and became possessed by thier disease. Thier offspring were numerous and threatened to befoul all of creation, so Yakub was forced to graft from them a larger and more powerful fowl, and the purpose of this foul was to feed on the other fouls and thier offspring.
 ANSWER:  the woman is called the moon because she is similiar and goes through the same cycle and changes as the moon. The moon makes a 28 day sysle around us. All phases of the moon have influence on the earth because she (moon) is reflecting the sun's light, this is called attracting powers, the moon seeks the earth. Each moon phase has a positive and negative effect...full moon is the zenith of positive effect, each is 7 days to complete phase chags (4x7=28). Each week is divided between 3 1/2 days before a new moon you have a negative effect on your bodies spiritual elements and they are making a chnge. You can help them along by being clen mentally, physically and spiritually...In all respcts never have sex on a negative period. The moon as you know causes low tides, you may compare these tides to your moods or menal disposition along with your physical outlook on life in general. The menstruation period of the woman is determined by the moons activity, the moon controls the tides, but the sun controls the mon. When you are thinkung in the proper frame of mind, (a righteous mind) you the sun let her (moon) go just so far then you check her or she will destroy you.
 ANSWER: Is the moon equal to the Sun? No! Can the moon give light to the earth without reflecting the light of the Sun? No! The chemical makeup of the moon effects everything on the earth, for that simple reason all living things contain water (H20). Whe the moon approaches the earth it causes a distubance of the molecues and causes the tides to rise and seas to flood. It would destroy the earth below. We made women from our germ: she was made for the purpose of carrying us through 66 trilion years which we are now living out. Woman is the weaker germ of man: the woman is the negative part of man, its the activation of materialistic matter when you have a negative (woman) and a positive (man) force that reproduce or be blunt, a desire to conquer, (one over powers the other), but sex and love are mixed enotions. We must remember that she was made weaker than man, so she can easily become wicked because she is weak, this is why it is forbidden for us, the Sun of Man to teach all what we know to our woman.
 ANWER: I God will not print #3, do to the fact that I am in total disagreement. Any God's who wants to knowledge this, e-mail I God and I will send it to you>
 Knowledge is to look listen and observe, it is the root of all civilized nations. The foundation in which I build my life as well as the foundation in which I build my nation of God's and Earth's who are all wise and does everything right and exact. Through knowledge the universe and all that exist within the universe has been established. Knowledge is the key to infinite, it has no beginning and no ending. With a complete and thurough knowledge of the universe you come into a greater knowledge of self and kind.
 Verily the knowledge is with Allah alone. It is he who sends the rain and he who knows whats in the womb.
 Knowledge is the foundation that governs both clauses rain and womb.
 The original man who is Allah with a supreme knowledge comtemplates how and when the rain is distilled back to the surface of the planet earth. The moisture is pulled into the clouds by the gravitaional pull, the sun and the moon has upon the earth. The winds move hither and thither acrss a thousand miles or it may be only a short distance. The winds bear witness to the physical laws established by the knowledge of Allah. The original man who is Allah completely masters all of these and yet this relates to only one of the infinite facts in physical which are govern by Allah's knowledge and laws. Allah's knowledge is the guid that is sure to those who seek his light. Those who reject his knowledge are slave to a mental death and power.
 Wisdom is the wise word spoken by the correct knowledge so a supreme understanding can be brought about. A correct knowledge of Islam brings about supreme wisdom which is the second source of all power, light and life. Wisdom shows and proves the powere of the knowledge which is the light and shines it's ligh that brings about life. Wisdom is like a plant that has uprooted from it's seed which is it's foundatio (knowledge). When this plant is in full bloom (man) it's pollen (wisdom) flows from itself to another plant (man) that has not flly bloomed (baby). Thi is the same way the wise words (wisdom) flows from one to another, thus this brings about a greater understanding. The wisdom guides and nourishes all the human families of the planet earth. Yet the 85% are ungratefull and run to false god's (devil). It is we alone who gave birth to all the human families of the planet earth and we alone who hold the knowledge, the wisdom and the understandig to the great and good universal plan.
 Understanding is born within the mind which is the third all seeing eye that holds the understanding to the universal orders of the universe. A complete understanding makes all understanding understood. It is the attainment f the supreme goal. A state of consciosness were the universe and all that, that is within serve you, reflect you and compliment you. this is the jewel given to him who constantly cee's knowledge that bring about wisdom and then understanding. This is the one mind of Allah. The three foundational developements of life move from knowledge to wisdom and from wisdom to understanding. Understanding is the home of the mind. Only the original man who is Allah has a complete understanding of the universe and all it's heavenly bodies can bring about this understanding to the civilized as well as the uncivilized. This shows and proves that Allah is all wise and civilized supreme being, blackman of Asia.
 Culture/Freedom. Culture is a way of life and the right and exact way of life is Islam. Islam is most surely the correct way of life, it uses the sun, moom and stars. these planets born the sciences to those  who have understanding. They represent a physical work of freedom, justice and equality. Islam makes heaven and hell not two place born-u-truth two conditions of life which is easily understood for those with understanding. There could never be either unless we bring it about. The plane earth is our home and owned by the original man and it is we who has the power to make it heaven or hell. Islam is the answer to all cause, it brings about great achievments and peace with one's self who know and understan it. Culture brings about freedom. Freedom is the ability to take control of one's self. This independency shows and proves to all the human families of the planet earth that Allah is independent and self sustained. The supreme being blacman of Asia who is Allah, who is all powerful, all wise and with true and correct knowledge of Islam has perfected self through his original culture that brings about freedom.
 Power or Refinement is with Allah and Allah alone is the power of refinement. This is to bring one out of darkness into the light and give hm life and to knoe I-Self-Lord-And-Master and to understand his true nature I-God. This is to elivate, cultivate and motivate my A-Alike to B-Alike thus must C-Alike.
 The original who iasAllah exceeds a plane of 100% refinement. The planet earth (Queen) bears witness to 3/4 refinement just as the earth (planet) is 3/4 covered under water (refinement). This is just one of the sciences decreed by the knowledge of Allah for those who have understanding. The power of refinment is the power to elivate self to esablish oneness with the one mind which is the mind of Allah. this is the supreme Power of refinement.
 Equality is to deal equal with everything in life so one can add on to life. To want for my brother what I want for self. The manufestation of my understading manifest the equality of the wisdom brought about by the knowlegde. This is the manifestation of equality which all things within the universe itself is established by equal portion. This is wisdom for those who have understanding. Equality is to be equal in all with my A-Alike to have my A-Alike be one with Allah. To be equal in everything. To be Allah.
 God is Allah Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head (Supreme Mathematical Dome) supreme being blackman of Asia who is all wise and civilized. The sustainer of all the worlds. The one who gave birth to all the families of the planetearth. The one true and living God of the universe. The creator  of all, The originator, The powerfull, The supreme, The father of all civilizations. It is we who have created all things on earth. Moreover we designed and comprehended the heavens. For we gave order and perfection to the seven firmenants and all things have we perfected in knowledge. We are who creted the contellations in the skies and placed therein the sun, the moon and the stars giving it's light. And we made the night and the day to follow each other. Yes WE the God's Allah who walks's the earth and reet with peace.
 Allahis the true and living God and with our supreme knowledge all things are knowledge is not for the devil who fails to cee the Majestry, The Beauty, The order.
 Build & Destroy. Build is to add on to ones knowledge and wisdom to bring about a greater understanding. i build to elivate self and kind to be one with the universe. To add on to my brother and my sister to build and add on to my nation of God's and Earth's. This is the way I continue to strengthen my foundation. Without a strong foundation one will be like a house made from straw after a heavy storm. This is why the God's come together to add on to build self and kind.
 destroy is to destroy the seed of the devil that has been planted and blossomed for the past 6000 years. It is my obligation as Allah to unroot the devil's seed that has been planted in the minds of my brother's and sister's. What is the duty of a civilized person? The duty of a civilized person is to teach he who is savage civilization, righteousness and the knowledge of himself and all the sciences of life, which is love, peace and happiness.
 Born is to be born out of darkness into the light and to be the light. To be born into the knowledge of self, to establish a foundation with elf who is Allah. Once you come into the knowledge of self to know and understand self you be born. Thus you born another to be.
 Cipher is a complete degree that deals with 120 degrees knowledge and 120 degrees wisdom and 120 degrees understanding. 
 The woman by nature is a submissive object, and is soley controlled by the secondary form of life called Wisdom. Therefore, the Wisdom is a cipher because she also has to go through the transormation of Knowledge to Born in order to be born. The Womans cipher of existence is broken up into four parts which is cohesively combined to control and govern the womans action as applied to a woman.
 Sex would undoubtfully be the main factor of her existence due to the fact that sex is mainly manifested for the purpose of reproducing and bearing life . This cohesive factor interpreted as producer and reproducer was man and woman at their most perfect state. This is love and sex, love and sex  at one time existed together until the made man devil caused it to seperate, thus leaving imperfection to dwell within. The woman seeing this began using the planet within her earth  for dominate purpose, a limited Knowledge and Wisdom is produce within her atmosphere without the universal understanding, her contrary nature is born. This is when she tries to produce her sex weight onto the blackman who is incapable of upholding this weight. Thus, causing him to fall victim to the power of her equality because he was incapable of manifesting the unemotioal state of ALMIGHTY GOD, which will draw the woman up to her perfection. Instead she draws him up into her secondary atmosphere where she will begin building up a center of activities that he will revolve around in order to complete physically. It is mathematically impossible for the woman to draw GOD up into her secondary atmosphere of existence. Due to the fact that her attracting magnetic power was manifested to identify with the sixth dimension which is a dimension created by the seventh dimension, therefore it is impossible for the force of attractiing magnetc to get above her equality and reach into the dimension of perfection mentally. Thus she is unable to pull GODS emotional force from its infinite state, this is also due to the fact that GOD possesses the Universal Understanding to the science called sex. Thus putting love and sex back into her proper places borning the togetherness of man and woman.

Supreme Master Of Supreme Mathematics


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